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Concern and uncertainty have hit Panzano in Chianti, capital of Chiantishire. With Great Britain’s decision to exit the European Union many Chiantishire citizens, as surrogate subjects of Her Majesty, don’t know whether to consider themselves Europeans or non-Europeans, just like the Swiss.

Yesterday morning Antica Macelleria Cecchini, Chiantishire’s governmental headquarters, hosted a parliamentary reunion under the motto “God Save the Meat” to decide which road to follow, in absence of signals from the mayors of other Chiantishire towns.

During the reunion some suggested a petition for a new referendum that won’t have to do with Panzano’s permanence or not in Europe but with Chiantishire leaving the township of Greve.

It’s the second attempt,  after one that failed about 100 years ago. The referendum has already been named: Grevexit. The ballots are to be found printed on the back of Fontodi wine labels and must be inserted in the electoral barrels as the bottles are emptied.

God Save The Meat e chi la eat