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There are walks, excursions and adventures in the heart of Chiantishire to put little Indiana Joneses in contact with nature and animals.

On horseback discovering the territory or in a swimming pool where they learn to swim, on the yoga mat or in the various sports centers, and outside in the schoolyard…the magic of “play” becomes the genius of creativity and brings out the spirit of the explorer.

There is an entire summer to live in the moment, to enjoy the culture of experience. This is the proposal of the Township of Greve in Chianti which has organized a summer camp sponsored by 5 important organizations: the Ats Vivarium Endas, the Asd Grevigiana, the Stadera onlus Cooperative, Greve in Chianti swimming pools and the Novacoop.

“Estate con noi” (Summer with us) will take place from June to September, every day from Monday through Friday. The summer camp offers many different activities and learning experiences. The program includes creative workshops, horseback riding, group games sports, water games.

It costs 100 euros a week, 25 euros per day, including lunch. Each week will begin only if the group reaches a minimum of 20 participants. Siblings have a 10 euro discount (2 siblings pay 190 euros). You can sign up at: 055 858495 or 055 8549229.