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Famous international actress and soprano, Nicola Beller Carbone, together with Argentininan director Marcelo Lombardero will conduct the 4th edition of the international workshop of lyric opera and opera recitation with the 2016 edition of “In Canto Tignano”, Tignano enchantment/in song.

The workshop will take place in the splendid frame of the Castello di Tignano in Barberino Val D’Elsa (Florence) from July 17 till July 24. The musical coach will be the pianist, Beatrice Bartoli.

The program of the workshop focuses on the construction of characters of contemporary lyric theatre, specifically on works of Mozart, plus areas of free choice.

It involves work on the combination of body and voice, mind and intuition, and offers participants a multidimensional vision both in individual and group lessons.

Modern musical theatre needs strong personalities where mental attitude, voice and body form an integral unity. On Sunday, July 24, workshop participants will perform on the stage of the Castello di Tignano for the final concert of the 29th Tignano Festival for the Environment and Meeting among Populations.

The workshop is a fundamental and integral part of this project. It is a grand occasion to study, have fun and meet students of other countries.

In preceding editions, participants have come from all over the world: Argentina, Germany,England, Israel, Moldavia, Holland, Belgium, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Hungary.

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