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Andrea Moser and Gerhard Sanin, two winemakers from Alto Adige, from the winery Kellerei Kaltern, are crossing Italy in a tandem bike to publicize “La Schiava”, the main wine of Lake Caldaro.

They call themselves the Pirates of the Kalterersee and have chosen the simplest and most ecological means of transportation, but at the same time the one closest to the people: the bicycle.

The cyclists are going from Lake Caldaro in Bolzano to the island of Capri over a period of 12 days; 1000 kilometers to promote wines from Alto Adige.

They entered Tuscany on May 18, stopping at Appennino a Fanano and entered Florence, where they had dinner at Burde, the day after. This morning the two cycling winemakers left for Siena.

They crossed our hills aboard their tandem continuing their trip along the boot, meeting cooks, food artisans, wine lovers; and going to markets and trying new pairings; all to tell about their land in a new way, thanks to the meeting of other cuisines and cultures.

In Greve in Chianti they stopped for a snack at the Macelleria (butcher) Falorni, mixing Kalterersee wine with local cold cuts and cheeses. They then left for Panzano, on to Castellina and then to the city of Palio, Siena, where they restored themselves at the Osteria il Vinaio.

The itinerary is divided into 12 segments and will and on May 26, after having crossed Trentino Alto Adige, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio and Campania. The most difficult segment was from Reggio Emilia to Fanano, though the Appennine Valley at 1842 meters above sea level. The longest will be from Terracina to Naples.

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