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After last year’s amazing success, the second “Vespa Raduno Nazionale”  (National Vespa Rally), will be held on June 5.

It is organized by the Vespa Club of Greve in Chianti. Participants will meet in Piazza Matteotti, in the heart of Greve: the riders will depart on their Vespas for a ride around Chianti and will meet around noon at the Castello di Verrazzano. Here they will have an aperitif and lunch and a guided tour of the wine cellar (reservations must be made by May 30).

The tour in Vespa, aperitif, lunch, and souvenir costs € 30. Each passenger costs € 30. The cost without lunch is € 15 per person). For information, call Gino (3332602339) or Gianni (3383725893)

Last year hosted 365 participants with 270 Vespas and 23 Vespa clubs from all over Tuscany and other cities like Mantova, Ferrara, Bologna, and Varese.

“In addition,” says the Vespa Club, “last year on May 8, in honor of the Giro d’Italia segment in Chianti Classico, we organized “in Vespa sulle Strade del Giro d’Italia”….riding a Vespa through the roads of the Italian Bicycle Tour. The event was very successful.”