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From the chestnut trees of Lucolena to the irises of San Polo, from the wine of Lamole to the bread of Strada in Chianti, from rice fritters to pasta.

Each town continues to be discovered through slow food and a rigorous local production that represents and promotes the quality and variety of our gastronomy.

There is a typical product for each locality of the township of Greve in Chianti. This is the new formula for the township which has become a veritable culinary map to be served hot or cold, according to the season, to the tourist in love with good cooking and alimentary culture.

This is accomplished by a series of programs and events, one for each town, according to the product individuated by local associations and businesses.

Passing through the months of the year we arrive at spring, with the blossoming of a variety of flowers that are typical to the county and Greve area.

We are talking about the Iris, celebrated by the inhabitants of San Polo with a rich program in May with the many gastronomic specialties that the town proposes in homage to the flower that represents it. Strada in Chianti also proposes an itinerary of taste and tradition.

It begins with an event in July where townspeople will “beat” the grain according to local tradition. This will be accompanied by gastronomic events that glorify artisanal pasta.

Finally we have wine, King of Chianti Classico, which will be honored between the summer and the fall with six different events in some of the most prestigious towns of the area: Lamole, Montefioralle, Panzano in Chianti, Ruffoli-Santa Lucia and Greve. We reach the apex with the Chianti Classico Expo that this year presents its 46th edition.