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There are Chiantigiani (residents of Chianti) who take us to the world. They bring the world to the screen: PC’s , smartphones, etc.

One of these is Alberto Canocchi, a young man from San Casciano who is exploring the world with his eye glued to his camera. He discovered photography a few years ago, during a vacation, and since then all has changed.

“A year and a half ago, i bought a Reflex camera in a Sydney, Australia store. I wanted to have something better than a smartphone for a coming trip to Indonesia. Everything started there”.

He hopes that his passion becomes a job; also because he is a perfectionist. “I am never happy, even though I am attached to some of my snapshots. The first is a photo that I took in Yogyakarta, on the island of Java, during my first trip to Indonesia. I found myself in the middle of the celebration for the end of the month of Ramadan. While everybody prayed, a young child remained standing in the middle of an ocean of people prostrated in prayer. That photo sanctified the beginning of my love for travel photography. Then there is a photo I snapped in Katmandu of 2 Buddhist nuns. They illustrate a grace and elegance which disarm me every time i look at it.”

A travel photographer is what he would like to become: “I would like to photograph the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, the sands of the Namib desert, the ice floats of Antarctica, the Great African Migration, the Holi celebrations in India, the infinite expanses of Mongolia, the jungle tribes of Papua, spring in Japan, prayers in the MiddleEast….Need I continue?”