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The Santa Maria al Prato church in Piazza Simone Martini in San Casciano (known as the “Misericordia” by San Casciano residents), holds treasures guarded with love by the “Confraternita”. A visit to the church is a trip to the past, to the ties between a town and its deepest traditions.

A few months ago a painting, the “Circoncisione di Gesù” (The Circumcision of Jesus) by Jacopo Vignali, that had been loaned to a Carlo Dolci exhibit, was returned to the church.

This is not the first time that works found inside of Santa Maria al Prato, with the Superintendent’s consent, are loaned to important national exhibits.

Among the most precious works is the marvelous “Crocifisso” (Crucifixion), oil on canvas, attributed to the Sienese painter Simone Martini (who the piazza is named for).

The work is currently found at the Opicificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence for an important restauration.

One of the coming objectives of the “Arciconfraternita” is a new lighting installation for the church. They are looking for financiers and benefactors, who, with their precious contribution, will render the magical atmosphere of Santa Maria al Prato even more pleasant.