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From regional contributions to improve the profitability and competitiveness of Tuscan agricultural enterprises, which can reach up to 350 thousand euros expiring on 4 July, to the extension to 15 June of the notice for the restoration and enhancement of the architectural and landscape heritage rural (which provides for a maximum contribution of 150 thousand euros per farm).

From funding for pilot and cooperation projects to contribute to the economic, resilient, sustainable and digital recovery that ends on May 31, to the 20,000 euros of the Mise reserved for micro, small and medium-sized farms for investments in the field of transformation and marketing of agricultural products.

To conclude with the 1.2 billion euro save Made in Italy call to favor supply chain contracts for which it is possible to apply from 23 May.

These are some of the main opportunities that are expiring or soon to open for Tuscan agricultural, fishing and aquaculture businesses.

To recall the main notices is Coldiretti Toscana, engaged in recent months in the regional and national institutional and technical tables as well as in the squares with mobilizations and demonstrations, to ensure fundamental resources in this historical moment together with concrete investment opportunities.


The tender for the implementation of measure 4.1.1 of the Rural Development Plan of 26 million euros to improve the profitability and competitiveness of agricultural enterprises is the result of a long consultation with the Tuscany Region, which took into account the proposals of Coldiretti Toscana including the construction and renovation of company production buildings, energy efficiency, removal and disposal of asbestos cement roofs and parts, construction of storage facilities, land improvements up to the purchase of new company equipment and advertising signs .

The grants that can be granted vary from € 150,000 to € 350,000 depending on the number of employees and the number of non-curricular internships activated.

The call will remain open until 1 pm on Monday 4 July 2022. Applications must be submitted on the ARTEA portal.

The Coldiretti offices present throughout the territory are available to agricultural businesses.

The clock hands have been moved to June 15 to submit an application and participate in the public notice for restoration and enhancement of the architectural and rural landscape heritage of the NextGenerationEU National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr).

There are three types of intervention that can be financed: conservative restoration and functional recovery of agricultural settlements, buildings, historical rural buildings and buildings and typical elements of rural architecture and landscape, combined, where appropriate, with interventions for seismic and efficiency improvement energy as well as aimed at the removal of architectural barriers.


Rural landscape maintenance interventions; setting up of spaces to be used for small cultural, social, environmental tourism services (excluding accommodation), for environmental education and knowledge of the territory, also related to the multifunctional profile of farms.

For innovative investments in agriculture, in particular for the processing and marketing of agricultural products, there are the 5 million euros of the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) for which it is possible to apply until 23 June 2022.

The contributions will be granted to the extent of 30%, which can reach up to 40%, and relate to the purchase and installation of new capital goods, tangible and intangible, which must be used exclusively in the offices or plants of the companies. located on the national territory.

The admissible expenses for which the contribution is requested cannot be less than 5 thousand euros, while the maximum limit for subsidies is 20 thousand euros per beneficiary.