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Being identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a dream that the Chianti Classico area has had for some time and aspires to translate into reality. This is surely a territory whose unique and distinctive features are recognised all over the world.

The municipalities of the Florentine and Sienese Chianti are working together to promote, enhance and protect the compact uniqueness of this territory and its economic strength – that comes from agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, landscape and culture.

They have also been working towards having the Chianti Classico area nominated as a UNESCO heritage site.

“We’ve been collaborating with the Fondazione Chianti Classico to prepare the necessary documents – the Mayor of Greve in Chianti Paolo Sottani explains – that will allow us to submit the Chianti in the Unesco’s tentative list. A group of experts is currently studying and analysing the territory of the Chianti Classico in all its unique characteristics. In this phase we’re involving the Regione Toscana, aligning all parties and institutions towards a common goal, taking the right steps with the necessary accuracy”.

“We’ll put all our efforts into this project, which will undoubtedly bring benefits to the local economy – continues the Mayor of San Casciano Roberto Ciappi – We’re highlighting all the universal and distinctive features that make our territory and its history worthy of being enlisted with Unesco, even by comparison with other territories that are already declared world heritage sites. It’s a big job, that embraces architecture, agriculture, geomorphology”.

“The Chianti region might be able to strengthen the cultural value of our country, Italy – declares the Mayor of Barberino Tavarnelle, David Baroncelli – which has the highest number of World Heritage sites. Ours territory is loved by travellers, and we’re committing ourselves to enhance its values and beauty. We believe all the charming places full of life, passion, culture, traditions and identities, deserve a special place in the World Heritage List”.