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At Sambuca (Barberino Tavarnelle) the “Befana” arrives … with a few days in advance. With a big party and stockings for all the kids.

On Sunday 29 December, at 5.15 pm in the Sala Don Bruni (MCL Circle), in the town center, the Teatro delle Dodici Lune presents “Transylvania Circus”, a show of table puppets and puppets.

Mysterious and strange creatures form the company of the Transylvania Circus. Fire breathing dragon men, acrobatic ghosts, a melancholy werewolf able to walk in balance on the moon and then her, the star of the show, the charming vampire woman, who will perform in the art of transformism.

But don’t worry, Gentlemen, the artists of the Transylvania Circus are anything but dangerous and if your heart beats, it won’t be for fear!