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“Carpe ludum”, as the Romans used to say: the Teatro Niccolini in San Casciano invites you to take the opportunity to participate in the “game” of theatrical invention.

When reality is reflected into fiction and life mixes with creative interpretation, the shows offer a thousand mirrors in which to recognise the multiple faces of humanity.

The Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo and the Municipality invite viewers to embark on a new adventure, to embrace all the emotions that theatre brings to life. And to enjoy a prestigious space, rich in history, such as the Niccolini theatre hall, that has been active since the 19th century.

Book your favourite box or seat to secure a place at one of the Italy’s richest and most interesting theatre program, that stands out for the presence of great performers such as Alessandro Benvenuti and Stefano Fresi, Zerocalcare, Paolo Hendel, Leo Gullotta, Mascia Musy, Arturo Cirillo, and the most innovative directors and dramatists: Nunzio Caponio, Nicola Zavagli, Maria Grazia Cipriani, Giacomo Vezzani, Gioele Dix, Francesco Niccolini, Massimo Luconi, Arturo Cirillo.

Some of the artists will present their works in national premieres, in the most diverse genres like drama, comedy and theatre dance. The range of events and shows of the municipal Teatro Niccolini of San Casciano is the result of an artistic partnership that for years has linked the Municipality of San Casciano to the objectives and resources of one of Italy’s most competent bodies, the Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo.

The twenty-third theatre season of San Casciano presents itself as a cultural laboratory and meeting place for ideas, capable of welcoming integrating high-level shows, local cultural ideas and social events which help the community.

The Niccolini: cultural laboratory and meeting point. A space open to curiosity, life, creativity, sensations.

With its 300 seats, a long rich history and a strategic location – half way between Florence and Siena – the Teatro Niccolini continues to establish itself as a cultural laboratory and a lively meeting point for people. It’s a special place that not only embraces contemporary expressive forms, but welcomes different ideas and cultural needs, mixing genres and events while always keeping an eye on tradition.

This new theatrical season boasts big names from the Italian theatre scene, dramas, comedies, dance, music and many events related to the territory. The Teatro Niccolini shows passion and synergy between the theatre companies, and aims to keep a dialogue open with the territory.

A synergy of different elements gives vital impulse to this new season, packed with quality events: the resident companies, Arca Azzurra Teatro, Compagnia Katzenmacher, Teatro-Danza Xe and Jack and Joe, collaborate to give life to the variety of expressive forms, while contributing to the artistic formation that is a distinctive feature of the Niccolini.

The commitment of ChiantiBanca is also essential. By renewing its support for the theatre, it offers a significant contribution to the cultural growth of the territory.

The team includes “Gassa d’Amante”, the cultural association which carries out organisational and technical coordination activities within the Niccolini theatre on behalf of the Municipality,.


The Niccolini Theatre of San Casciano is getting ready for a great season.

Reinterpretations of literary classics and theatre greats, new dramaturgy, shows created by resident theatre companies, social and amateur theatre, shows for children and young people; but also special events and series of various other shows. With the new season, the Niccolini Theatre of San Casciano confirms its status as a space open to all.

The program of plays, laid out by the non-profit Fondazione Toscana and the municipal administration, presents ten titles (for eleven performances) ranging from reinterpretations of classics (from Shakespeare to Cervantes, Melville and Jane Austen), to new plays (Vincenzo Manna , Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Aleksievic, Paolo Hendel and Marco Vicari), and also includes contemporary dance shows (Compagnia Xe) and an adaptation of a comic.

This is a range of shows chosen from among the most important of the season and staged by companies of national importance, in which a significant role is also played by local Tuscan companies: Arca Azzurra, Compagnia Xe.

This season is dedicated to multiculturalism and multidisciplinary approach, also conceived to help young people to understand theatrical language and better read the reality that surrounds them. They will be opportunities to smile, to reflect, to seek a link between the past and the present, to become more and more aware of our role as citizens, and aware human beings.

With DONCHISCI@TTE, Alessandro Benvenuti and Stefano Fresi inaugurate this new season, taking us into the world of Miguel de Cervantes.

The play, staged on Tuesday 5th November at 9pm (for all the shows), is an original piece that takes inspiration from the novel, applying the symbolism of this myth against our times.

This contemporary Don, with his conspiracy theories and a naive spirituality, will have to confront the evil minds of the multinationals, accompanied by Sancho, his confused companion.

On Saturday 23rd November Julie Ann Anzilotti – choreographer, director and soul of the Xe Company (in residence in San Casciano)- presents, in national premiere, C’È UN TEMPO. The show takes inspiration from key themes that are found in the Bible’s book Qohelet. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die…a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to weep and a time to laugh… a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them…”.

The show is part of the fourth edition of SE IO FOSSI TE, a series of events scheduled from 23rd to 25th November: international meetings on the theme of differently-abled people and the arts.

They are carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of San Casciano, Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo Onlus, Regione Toscana, ARTE media partner.

On Sunday 1st December, Nicola Zavagli presents KOBANE CALLING ON STAGE, the adaptation of the Zerocalcare comic strip sold in over one hundred and twenty thousand copies.

The show reflects on the meaning of the journey of a group of volunteers who travelled to Kobane, a city which is symbol of the Kurdish resistance, to bring humanitarian aid and to collect real testimonies on Syria’s drama.

The show doesn’t sensationalise war, but recounts it with merciless lightness, in balance between contemporary chronicle and comics’ fictional imaginary.

On Friday 13th December the historic Teatro del Carretto brings on stage Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST, in the original adaptation by Giacomo Vezzani, who also signs the direction, under the artistic supervision of Maria Grazia Cipriani.

The show is conceived as the encounter between the protagonist, Prospero, and two actors who are asked to stage his Tempest once again, alternately interpreting all the characters.

An original soundtrack evokes the magic which is at the play’s core, a theatrical testament to one the greatest poets of all time.

For a New Year’s Eve dedicated to music and theatre, on Tuesday, December 31st (at 10pm), Teatro Niccolini presents ALTRI FIGURINI by Bandakadabra.

A fun and entertaining show made of “musical images”, small unique acts linked together by the means of mental association, quotes, Chinese boxes. Off-subscription show.

On Friday January 24th: Paolo Hendel stages the national premiere LA GIOVINEZZA È SOPRAVVALUTATA.

In the show, written by Hendel and Marco Vicari directed by Gioele Dix, Hendel realises that he’s ‘dangerously’ approaching old age and talks not only about himself, but also about his country, Italy, that is also ageing inexorably.

Leo Gullotta is BARTLEBY, LO SCRIVANO (double performance, on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th February).

For his play Francesco Niccolini has taken inspiration from the story that Hermann Melville published two years after ‘Moby Dick’. It’s brought to the stage by the resident company Arca Azzurra, with the direction of Emanuele Gamba.

At the core of the story, there’s a scrivener who does his job diligently until one day he decides to respond to any request with the expression: “I would prefer not to”. A kind refusal that upsets the balance of the office and the life of his employer.

The actress Mascia Musy stages, with Francesco Argirò, PREGHIERA PER CERNOBYL (Saturday 22nd February).

The show – directed by Massimo Luconi – brings to the stage the text by Nobel Prize-winning journalist Svetlana Aleksievic, which the recent Hbo TV series is also based on.

The author conveys all the drama of this disastrous nuclear accident, the sense of bewilderment and the terrible deaths, but also the strong love bond between two people.

For this season Arturo Cirillo, one of the most original directors and interpreter of contemporary Italian theatre, has chosen to take on Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE – on Thursday 5th March.

His reading of Austen’s novel has given life to a visionary show, a parody that recalls his earlier works, masterpieces such as ‘Mettiteve a fa’ l’amore cu’ me’ and ‘L’ereditiera’. Cirillo, accompanied by a very big cast of actors, does a great job of orchestrating the numerous characters, respecting the original spirit of the novel.

LA CLASSE is a play that takes on teenage and social problems, written by Vincenzo Manna (winner of the Premio Scenario Infanzia Award) and directed by Giuseppe MariniThursday 19th March.

It tells the story of a teacher who deals with current events to fight fear and anger at school. Albert, a third-generation foreigner, thirty-five years old, is called to give a remedial course to students who have been suspended for disciplinary reasons. The impact is violent, the boys push limits and turn their fear into anger.

All the promotional initiatives have been confirmed for this season

The ‘FTS Carta della Spettatore’, which offers advantages such as tickets at reduced prices in all theatres of the network, except the one in which it has originated;’Biglietto futuro’ reductions for under 30; Tuscany Student card, 8 euros tickets for university students in possession of the card; ‘Buon Compleanno a Teatro’, which gives a free ticket on your birthday; ‘Biglietto Sospeso’, which allows you to offer a show to those who cannot afford it; ‘Diventa storyteller’, to publish your reviews and comments on the website.

Season ticket subscription campaign

The season ticket campaign is open until November 5th, with classic and new formulas: discounts for the under-30s, young people, students and those enrolled to the theatre courses.

In detail: Subscriptions to the stall and central box: full € 100, reduced € 85 lateral box: full € 68, reduced € 56.

Niccolini subscription “Biglietto futuro” (under 30): three titles to choose from, lateral box € 15 – Tickets for stall and central box: full price € 16, reduced price € 14, reduced price for students of courses and workshops € 12 lateral box: full 12 Euros, reduced € 10, reduced for students of courses and workshops € 8 reduced Coop points: € 10.

New Year’s Eve at the theatre: stalls and central box: full price € 32, reduced € 30 lateral box: full price € 27, reduced € 25.
Reduced price for: “Biglietto futuro” under 30, over 60, Coop members, ARCI, ACLI, SDIAF, ChiantiBanca, students that participate in the Teatro Niccolini’s courses and workshops, holders of the ‘FTS Carta della Spettatore’ (only for tickets), Tuscany Student Card reduced ticket € 8 for university students (the seat will be assigned, upon presentation of the card, based on availability; it’s recommended to be at the ticket office at least one hour before the show starts).

Coop ticket deals for Coop members: the promotion ‘1000 punti mille emozioni’ is on. Info and membership at the Unicoop Firenze stores.

For the shows not included in the subscription, the cost of the ticket and the related reductions vary depending on the event.

Info and pre-sale Teatro Niccolini: Municipal Office in the municipal building, ground floor, first door on the right (address: via Machiavelli, 56) – open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 9am-1pm, on Thursdays 9am-1pm and 3pm-7pm tel. 055 8256388 –

Pre-sales at BoxOfficeToscana and Ticketone – Ticket office and theatre open one hour before the show.

OLTRE LA PROSA (not included in the subscription)

  • 5th, 6th and 7th December, 8.30pm Jack and Joe Theatre A CENA CON LEONARDO dinner-show by and with Adriano Miliani
  • 22th March, at 9pm Arca Azzurra Events/Teatro dei Passi ORUATONIM – MINOTAURO, LABIRINTO E DINTORNI by and with Tiziana Giuliani and Paolo Ciotti, on the cello Filippo Burchietti
  • April 18th, at 9pm Arthea / Atto Due SCUSATE SE PARLIAMO D’AMORE: the theatre in the stories by Raymond Carver directed by Alberto di Matteo with Andrea Mitri, Barbara Rizzo and Letizia Sacco.

Social and amateur theatre

  • November 29th, 9pm Theatre Company “Attori & Convenuti” NASRIN SOTOUDEH, UNA VITA PER DIFENDERE reading of the letters written by the Iranian lawyer who is in prison for protecting human rights; fundraising evening for the SCIE Association
  • 1st February, at 9pm the “Paoletti” Theater Company presents SUITE 719, based on Neil Simon’s ‘Plaza Suite’; fundraising evening in favour of the “Lotta alla Povertà”.
  • 29th February, 9.00pm NASI ROSSI IN CONCERTO by and with Paolo Mazzinghi and Ivana Scotti, clown show – fundraising evening “Una gamba per Yuri” Theatre for children and teens
  • December 15th, 5pm Cooperativa Sociale Le Rose CIRCO LE ROSE by the Cooperative theatre and art workshop
  • January 5th, 5pm CAPPUCCETTO CAMBIA COLORE by Letizia Sacco and Maila Concas with Elena Biagini, Angelo Rea, Letizia Sacco
  • 16th February, at 5pm- parents from Mercatale THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO

Special events

  • 21st December, 4.45pm Arca Azzurra Formazione / Teatro dei Passi & Centro Danza Chianti FANTASIE DI NATALE: words, dance and music inspired by the most beautiful Christmas fairy tales and legends
  • 12th January, 5pm “Il Magnifico” Association presents RIVERBERI , a concert in memory of Claudio Teobaldelli, with the contribution of: Accademia Musicale San Casciano, Coro Quodlibet, Corpo Musicale Oreste Carlini
  • April 28th at 9pm – ROSA, LA CANTATRICE DEL SUD with Debora Troìa (vocals) and Rocco Giorgi (guitar)
  • May 9th, 9pm Arca Azzurra Eventi / Teatro dei Passi LISISTRATA, OVVERO LE DONNE PER LA PACE free adaptation of the Lisitrata by Aristofane, Teatro-Contrada project curated by Tiziana Giuliani

Series of other events

  • 8th March, Sancaballet PICCOLE DONNE Dance, 3rd edition –
  • 9th-15th March SETTIMANA DELLA MUSICA music festival, 2nd edition
  • 24th-28th March / 2nd-5th April TEATRO PER IL TEATRO, a series of amateur shows by the theatre companies Arca Azzurra, Xe, Katzenmacher