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Giuseppe Artolli has been at the head of the Castello Del Nero for a few months now, acquired by the COMO group in 2018 as the first five-star luxury hotel in Italy.

The COMO owns various luxury hotels in spectacular locations around the globe: from Miami Beach to London, from Australia to the Maldives, to Turks and Caicos Islands. From Indonesia to Thailand and Bhutan.

We’ve asked Director Artolli for his first impressions: after a few months of acclimatisation, how is he enjoying the Chianti?

“I love it here in the Chianti. I already knew this fabulous area, having lived and worked in Siena for 5 years. I’m very happy to be able to enjoy such a beautiful and lush countryside just 30 minutes from Florence’s city centre”.

The Castello del Nero has undergone a sort of little-big “revolution”: what is the philosophy behind it?

“In the Castello del Nero the COMO group has aimed to integrate the essential elegance that characterizes the brand with the Italian lifestyle. In fact both the interior design and the new furnishings are made in Italy. The project is signed by Paola Navone, an internationally renowned Italian designer who has been collaborating with the COMO group for years. Special attention has also been given to wellness, something that COMO is famous for, with the COMO Shambhala Retreat Spa. The agricultural potential is another strong point of the Castello del Nero, and we’ll be continuing the tradition of caring for the land and producing wine and olive oil, products that will then be distributed among the hotels of the COMO group. But there’s much more to our project!”.

What is 2019 looking like for the COMO Castello Del Nero? Can we already take stock of the situation?

“So far this year’s results are in line with those of the previous years, both in relation to our competitors and the territory. We’re hoping to get great satisfaction from September and October, which are usually good months”.

Will the high-quality restaurant “La Torre” continue its work? In short, are you looking to keep the Michelin Star?

“Certainly our strategy is to keep the star and maybe in a couple of years to aim for a second star. In any case, Italian cuisine plays an important role within the COMO group, as does our chef Giovanni Di Pirro, that within COMO Hotels and Resorts is a true Master of top-quality Italian and Mediterranean cuisine”.

What are the intentions of the new owners regarding the relationship with the territory? Is it something they care about?

“For the proprietor having a close relationship with the territory is very important. In fact this is a good opportunity to reaffirm the role of Castello Del Nero in this territory, as a beautiful and elegant entity which is always ready to welcome local people as well as tourists, both for a simple aperitif or a dinner, and also for special occasions. Everywhere in the world, the COMO Hotels and Resorts creates deep and authentic relationships with the territory and actively participates in the support of the local community”.

And, finally, tell us about your next goals. Will there be other big news?

“There will be many new features in the next two or three years. Obviously everything is in the planning stage at the moment, but already next winter we will be working at a new panoramic garden, the complete restructuring of the Spa with the creation of a Yoga Pavilion. And we’re planning innovations in our agricultural activities”.

Matteo Pucci