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The Antinori family presents “Untitled (Antinori)”, a new important site-specific art installation, commissioned to the American artist Sam Falls (San Diego, 1983) and curated by Ilaria Bonacossa.

This new art work is part of the Antinori Art Project, the platform dedicated to visual arts and contemporary artists.

This installation will enrich the permanent art collection of the Antinori Winery in the Chianti Classico. Created specifically for this environment, it has been designed to interact with the scenic hills of the Chianti Classico and it’ll be on display from Wednesday 26th June.

The art of Sam Falls finds a happy, if unexpected, parallel in the long-standing winemaking tradition carried out by the Antinori family. Both Falls’s artistic work and the wine-making process revolve around the relationship between man and nature.

Art and wine have something in common: they are born within the subtle balance between the intervention of the artist, or the winemaker, and the vital role that time, air and climate play when they come into contact with the raw material.

For the Antinori Winery in the Chianti Classico, Sam Falls has created a enviroment-specific pictorial work.

A large canvas, long and narrow, sprinkled with dry pigments, will be left among the vines.

It will be exposed to natural and atmospheric elements: sun, humidity, the spontaneous fall of leaves and shrubs. The canvas will be ‘painted’ by nature and, subsequently, installed in one of the two staircases that cross the building.