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Unique cycling jerseys for a unique bike race.

The Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico has decided that the jerseys worn by the participants of the annual race Granfondo del Gallo Nero (on September 30th), whose beating heart lies in the town of Radda in Chianti, will be designed every year by a different artist. Something to make this race among vineyards and olive trees more magical than ever.

“The Consorzio – explains Gerardo Giorgi, marketing manager of the Consorzio – has taken on cycling as a way to reinforce its brand. The Granfondo must be a different race from the all the others: let’s consider the town where the race ends, a place where great food is produced and which offers truly exceptional post-race refreshments. And the wine is, of course, served in proper wine glasses”.

“For the past two years the talented Francesco Bruni has designed the jersey – he points out -. But from now on we want to take a different approach and every year we’d like to draw attention to a different artist. The idea is to create a collection”.

“For this project we’ve collaborated with Francesco Nannoni (Palazzo Malaspina.) – Giorgi concludes – We’ve evaluated different design proposals and chosen the work of Andrea Nicita. It’s the one we’ve liked the most”.


Andrea Nicita will be the first of the series: “I’m a multi-purpose artist – he tells us – I’m not one of these conceptual artists who are in fashion now. I’m a craftsman, a graphic artist, I’ve done work on ceramics, collaborated with great artists, I simply consider myself a person who does things and tries to do them well, because I prefer to do things to make people appreciate beauty, unlike some others “.

“I don’t contest the art world – he specifies – but I see it a bit ‘too intrusive, everybody wants to be an artist, everybody wants to shine. I try to do my work with subtlety. It’s not a competition.”

“I love cycling, but only in the cycling paths of northern European countries , in Italy we don’t really have cycling paths”. “ This was a big challenge, a complicated job, I’m not a graphic designer, I’ve done other things “.

“I didn’t expect to be chosen – concludes Nicita – not being a graphic designer. I was afraid my design was too ‘arty’ but I’m happy, it’s a beautiful showcase”.

Matteo Pucci