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On Saturday 19th May at 9pm, the Museo del Paesaggio in Castelnuovo Berardenga will host the inauguration of the “Utopie Campestri” Photographic Exhibition by Niccolò Kirschenbaum.

Modifying photographs of well-known places and panoramas, Niccolò Kirschenbaum rejects the conventional and merely aesthetic gaze which looks only for beauty when contemplating a landscape.

His work shows that the countryside, more than a source of scenic views, is a place that bears the marks of memories, dramas and nostalgia.

Niccolò Kirschenbaum was born in Siena in 1983. In his shots he explores themes such as the relationship between identity, memory and territory.

In recent years he has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions, continuing his research in collaboration with the Sienese artist Daniele Sasson, the poet Federico Romagnoli and the photographer Paul Richard Cecchini.

The exhibit will be open until June 30th 2018. Free admission. Info: Museo del Paesaggio 0577351337 –