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Drones have become necessary tools for many trades. For this reason Cna Siena is promoting a training session that gives an overview of the current regulations affecting the use of these tools, and explores the opportunities the drones offer to various trades.

The event will take place on Monday 21st May from 3pm to 7pm at the Cna auditorium, in via delle Arti 4, Siena (Viale Toselli area).

Divided into two parts, the seminar will first illustrate the legal provisions and the obligations that exist under the ENAC (Italian National Agency for Civil Aviation). After about an hour and a half the participants will be split into three groups in separate classrooms, for a 2-hour lesson led by experts from different fields.

The first will explore the use of drones in agriculture, the second will explain the opportunities that this tool offers the construction industry – mapping, quarrying and plant engineering – while the third group will look at how drones are used in photography and filmmaking.

To participate you need to pre-register via email at:, or by calling 0577 260657, specifying the work group that you’re willing to take part in, and your contact details.