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The Chianti Classico territory has attracted travellers from all over the world for centuries, with its enchanting landscapes and top-quality products, and in the last few years it has increasingly become a destination for fans of open air activities.

Campervan enthusiasts love the Chianti region and its scenic roads, a unique territory that has now become “campervan friendly” thanks to a new legislation, which allows the motorhomes to park and spend the night outside the usual “permitted areas”.

Now campervanners from around the world can really live and appreciate the Chianti, being closer to the territory and the spirit of open air living.

By booking a space in one of the wineries that have joined this project, one can park for free for 24 hours on their premises. You can enjoy some good local wine while relaxing in your own motorhome.

A dedicated website,, will offer a full list of all “camper-friendly” companies that will allow campervans to spend the night in their vineyards, the main events of the area, the opportunity to share their “Chiantishire” experience and, for those who do not yet have a Laika caravan, a series of deals to rent one from the Caravanbacci dealership in Pisa, which takes part in the project.

A special window sticker will be provided to all campervan-friendly wineries and to the vehicles rented from Caravanbacci.

The project comes on the heels of an increasingly important trend linked to four-wheel tourism: caravan production in Italy is constantly growing (+ 14.5% compared to 2016) and, as in the case of Chianti Classico wine, it’s mainly (around 80%) aimed at a foreign market. It’s clear that “Chiantishire en pleinair” puts together two of the best ambassadors of “Made in Italy” in the world.

Open air tourists in Italy amount to 8.4 million each year and spend around 2.9 billion euro (CISET study, the University of Venice in 2016).