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The new sign at the entrance of the small town of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa shows a bright green olive. This is the symbol of the “Città dell’Olio”, the association that Tavarnelle has recently joined.

“Città dell’Olio” (olive oil towns) is an Italian network of olive oil producers, which aims at safeguarding the quality and the tradition of this excellent local product.

“Of the 88 farms that operate in the territory of Tavarnelle, producing wine, olive oil, honey and cheese, more than half (52) are dedicated exclusively to olive farming and olive oil production and bottling”.

The deputy mayor Davide Venturini wants to emphasize the central role played by this territory in the promotion of extra virgin olive oil and the enhancement of the Italian olive-growing heritage.

Many events and trade shows are organized in this area to enhance the value of olive oil, which is the king of Tavarnelle’s economy.

“The goal – he adds – is to invest in the direct relationship between the producer and the consumer, pointing to the economic, environmental and cultural benefits of the short production and distribution chain. We want to promote events such as the ‘open mills’ and the ‘Rally della Fettunta’ historic car race, born from the passion for agricultural traditions and the four-wheeled world. ”

The Municipality takes care of the promotion of Tavarnelle as one of Tuscany’s most important olive oil production centres.

“It’s vital to promote agricultural and gastronomic synergies in the name of extra virgin olive oil – concludes the deputy mayor – we work together with some local companies such as the excellent Montepaldi farm in San Casciano, the Airo association, chaired by Filippo Falugiani, to encourage the producers and restaurateurs to work side by side. Positive examples are Il Magnifico Award, thanks to the collaboration with Matia Barciulli. and the Olio in Festa (Oil Festival) which has been promoted for 15 years by the Osteria La Gramola in Tavarnelle and Massimo Marzi. In our territory small and medium-sized companies inspired by the traditional values of the countryside coexist with industrial entrepreneurships of national importance such as Castel del Chianti and Carapelli”.