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On Sunday 1 October, the twenty-first edition of L’Eroica will take place in Gaiole in Chianti. It is the perfect occasion to renew your membership or join the Ciclo Club Eroica which will offer fantastic servies to cyclists of all ages in 2018.

The Ciclo Club Eroica has been launched to share our idea of cycling. The Eroica Ciclo Club is back this year after several false starts in the early 2000s.

L'Eroica_foto_Paolo_Martelli_027Those who were around at the beginning (something to be proud of today) will remember that we printed some very rustic membership cards that were only used to give a sense of belonging and to gather some quality people around our newspaper, the only edition that was published for the event at that time.

The main Eroica characters (Berruti, Luzzana, Fioresi, Leonardi…) as well as journalists, writers and collectors, collaborated, with their articles, in putting the magazine together.

Today, with the twentieth edition behind us, the time is ripe for the Ciclo Club Eroica, a group of people who share our idea of cycling and who want to experience and develop that idea with us even more intensely. The Club already has 800 members.

I think it can be said, without fear of contradiction that, at that pioneering time, from that hint at a Club, much has changed in terms of Eroica numbers and geography, but very little in terms of its fundamental values. But I don’t want to risk a theoretical debate about what I think and feel and what the reality is.

L'Eroica_foto_Paolo_Martelli_022What is certainly true, we can express in the founding concept of the Club in its first year of existence: many of us want to win back this sport, the great sport of cycling that boasts a store of immense passion.

The number of members who have joined the Club is in line with our highest expectations and we are creating a community to exchange ideas and initiatives, develop proposals, share special moments, while offering services that will make your Eroica experience extraordinary.

“We haven’t dedicated enough time to the Ciclo Club and its members – says Giancarlo Brocci – it has been such a busy year, full of new things and world events that we have been left short of breath, legs and sleep. We will recover, consolidate our agendas and organise a network of contacts with whom we can exchange ideas and opinions that will make our dream come true, turning our young hopes into reality. We aim to design the cycling of the future, as well as enjoy – as we already do – heroic cycling as the extraordinary experience of life, culture, fatigue, adventure, friendship and tourism that it is. We want to enjoy this great sport, practiced simply for sport’s sake”.

L'Eroica_foto_Paolo_Martelli_014Services for members will continue to improve and become more accessible. Regarding the commercial aspect, I think I can guarantee that the cost of membership more than covers the benefits gained and what we foresee for 2018 is even more gratifying.

“For now – concludes Brocci – I will dedicate more of my personal time, and I hope some literary and cultural ideas, to Club members; I will try to answer all those who would like to make a real contribution to the life of the Ciclo Club Eroica directly. Meanwhile, with your help too, we will continue with the Under 23 experience. Youth cycling needs to be re-invented and grounded in sound philosophy, with projects capable of making young riders want to practice this fantastic sport in a healthy and fun way”.


It’s easy to join the CICLO CLUB EROICA! During L’Eroica in GAIOLE IN CHIANTI, at the info point in Casa Eroica, you will find the forms and the ‘Decalogue of the Heroic Cyclist’ that you need to fill out and sign to become a member.

Current members of the Ciclo Club Eroica will be able to renew their membership in Gaiole at the special price of €80.

In any part of the world, you can find the necessary information on, you can complete the online form, sign the Decalogue and pay the membership fee by credit card.


Membership to the CICLO CLUB EROICA costs €100.00 per year + Welcome Kit delivery costs and includes many privileges for its members.

Don’t wait until January 2018 to become a member, as those who join during 2017 will enjoy the benefits until 31/12/2018.

The following advantages are immediately available to CLUB members:

  • Guaranteed registration at (special) “CLUB” rates to all EROICAS WORLDWIDE, including the legendary event in GAIOLE IN CHIANTI, which is guaranteed without having to pre-register or wait for click days;
  • Daily insurance cover (ACSI) to participate in Eroica and CICLO CLUB EROICA events;
  • Welcome Kit – a personalised box, delivered by post. From January 2018:
  • Discounts for the online purchase of Eroica merchandise;
  • Possibility to purchase the official gear at the Club rate;
  • Possibility to purchase historical cycling publications and magazines at discounted rates;
  • Bike hire at Club rates at Eroica events;
  • Participation in EROICA TRAVEL events, to experience a heroic weekend with fellow Club members and friends in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.