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The Tuscan Region will make an economic and touristic promotional plan of almost €4.7 million of resources available for the year 2018 for the realization of promotional actions and activities in the agriculture/alimentary, manufacturing, and tourist and investment attractions.

The economic and touristic promotional plan of 2018, after the favorable opinion of the commission for economic development, was approved by the regional junta.

The strategic objectives for 2018, indicated by the plan, are the consolidation of the reputation of Tuscany, in particular through direct intervention to guarantee a better positioning and a larger presence on international markets with actions aimed at commercial penetration of Tuscan offerings through the activation of export plans (outside the country).

It also foresees an increase of tourists and foreign investments and the strengthening of competition in the territories as an instrument of economic development, with particular attention to innovation processes and the impact of technology.

The plan details the strategic lines of relative promotions in the fields of manufacturing, agricultural/food, tourism and investment attractions to which the regional structures responsible for the different courses of action should adhere: Toscana Promozione Turistica for tourist promotion, Fondazione Sistema Toscana for the promotion of the image of productive and tourist resources, the structures of the regional junta for actions of internationalization and investment attractions.