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The administration of the Township of Tavarnelle is relaunching and intervening pro tourism. After the listening phase, a model of development supporting tourism was elaborated.

It was born with the collaboration of the SL&A which has been dealing with hospitality and tourism, environment, and local businesses and economies for more than 25 years.

Analysis has provided a photograph of the actual situation, identifying points of weakness and strength, and has provided a programmed plan of evolution and monitoring of the level of maturity of the territory, keeping in consideration the integrated vision of Chianti as a whole and the axis with the city of Florence, and of its historic and cultural character and resources present in the territory.


Sambuca, ponte romano

The current networks which inter-react and give life to thematic itineraries (churches, museums, wine cellars, activities, parking areas, services) were individuated and expressed, in order to respond to the emerging requests of the tourism food and wine sector, of naturalistic “green” tourism, of religious tourism, cultural tourism and of the emerging sports tourism.

The designs aim to improve the diverse aspects of the formation of the operators, the service and the infrastructure and urban decor.

In this manner, the “Piano Operativo Turistico” (operative tourist plan) was born as a model of reference and politics which make up the preparatory element, not only for the requalification of the territory and the maturity level of the sector, but also as a necessary element in the evaluation of the politics of the “incoming”, therefore the packaging of the offer.


Pieve San Pietro in Bossolo

It will be possible in this way to take advantage of offers based on packages with the possibility of personalizing in loco a stay in the territory, taking advantage of locales and above all, of services, beginning with the 2017 season.

Among measures already adopted is the professional requalification of “infopoints”, with the desire to create a systematic structure for offers and an aggregation and centralization of services, in collaboration with all of the presiding realities: associations, receptive structures and economic activities of any nature.

It will be possible to reserve guided tours and receive information and assistance for local mobility through the service of “ncc”, destination of trains and airplanes.


Davide Venturini

““As an administration, we firmly believe in the knowledge and formation of all citizens so that the action of promotion is based on word of mouth thanks to those who live in the territory,” affirms the Vice Mayor, Davide Venturini. “We need to always be aware of the beauty of the landscape and the inestimable heritage which make up the value of Chianti and identify it and distinguish it in the world through our excellent resources. We hope that the adopted measures will be a milestone for the birth and devolopment of new economic activities connected to the sector as well”.