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Tortelli di patate (ravioli filled with potatoes) are a typical preparation of filled pasta in Tuscany, common in Mugello.

Also in Chianti, where many home cooks (and some fresh pasta stores) prepare them, combining quantity and quality.

We are talking about a classic of “poor” cuisine served for important occasions, like Sunday lunch. Francesco Sorelli talks about them in his book, “La Toscana di Ruffino” (here on Amazon).

This delicious pasta is made with a filling of mashed potatoes, boiled and mixed with cheese, nutmeg, and sometimes, according to the family recipe, some tomato sauce, aromatic herbs and even meat sauce or pieces of pork, like pancetta.

The sauce is usually butter and sage, ideal for enhancing the tortelli. They also can be served with meat or mushroom sauce as well as tomato sauce.

Francesco Sorelli – Il Bisarno Oltre la Sieve

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