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The cultural offering in Chianti is being enriched through the efforts of the Township and the music school of Greve, which is showcasing the talents of its teachers, interpreters of some of the most beautiful music of all time.

It is an unusual voyage that spans centuries and different shores, arriving at jazz and modern and contemporary music. Through classical and other music, the wind of spring is flying on the wings of music, Classical music and Jazz are spreading through villages, churches, historic towns, local clubs, museums, terraces and public spaces in Greve in Chianti and its environs.

The initiative was born through the collaboration of the Township and the Greve Music school, built on a cultural and formative base. “Musical spring” is the first edition in a long list of concerts and musical events which, from April to July, will highlight the artistic tradition which has been cultivated in Greve in Chianti for decades.

“The intent is to create high-quality cultural proposals,” says Lorenzo Lotti, assessor for culture. “It offers citizens and tourists a calendar of Spring and Summer classical music by taking advantage of the talents of the teachers of the musicl school, directed and coordinated by maestro Luca Rinaldi“.

“The program – adds Lotti – runs parallel to those of lyric Opera which have been organized for years with success in Greve. I am talking about the school of Connecticut which is working on producing an opera in Piazza Matteotti during the month of June, Daniel Ferro and his students in the month of July and  Giovanni Reggioli’s Belcanto in Tuscany in August, with a group of more than 50 artists and public concerts in Piazza Matteotti and at the Verrazzano castle.”

Greve is enlarging its range to become the capital of classical music for six months of the year with around 15 concerts scheduled from April 2 to July 14.

“We will perform,” adds maestro Rinaldi, “in some of the most charming places of the territory like Lamole, candidate for historic Italian landscape, Chiocchio, Strada in Chianti, the museum of San Francesco and many others which lend themselves to host musical performances”.

The first event will take place on April 2 al 6 PM in the oratory of the Museum of San Francesco with a tribute to Niccolo’ Paganini. Maestro Luca Rinaldi will be on the violin and the guitarist will be Marco Annunziati.

On April 9, at 7:30 PM in the Circolo of Chiocchio, there will be an “apericena” with a concert at 9 PM. The teachers of the music school will present an “Acoustic dance night”.

Free admission.