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Once again, you will be able to say the “Cielo di Galileo” at the Observatory of Chianti (OPC). There is a second appointment for Saturday, March 11, at 9 PM.

There you will learn about Galileo’s discoveries as you are shown the sky with antique and modern telescopes. The narrator for the evening is the astrophysicist, Emanuele Pace, professor of Spatial technology and the Astrophysical Laboratory of the University of Physics and Astronomy of Florence.

Pace is the scientific director of the Observatory. The astronomic itinerary starts from far away. There will be instruments used by Galileo for his research to enhance an experience where you will be the real protagonist!

Knowledgeably guided by Emanuele Pace, you will learn to orient yourself in the nocturnal sky thanks to the constellations visible in our hemisphere.

You will be able to immerge yourself in the suggestions of science and physics of the 1600s, learning to use the Galilean telescope and the “Giovilabio”, an instrument used by the celebrated scientist to study the satellites of Jupiter.

You will take a real dive into the Cosmos, in a dome, with the eye of the telescope pointed in the direction of the furthest celestial objects, like the galaxies and stellar masses, transporting you with emotions which have always fascinated and conditioned the human being.

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