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It is the beginning of autumn, the magical period of the wine harvest. It is a grand party… pure joy, Tuscan wine, the backbone of Chianti Classico, the grape that represents us in the world. That aroma, that perfume, has no equal.

And here is the “Toscana di Lodolaio di Chianti Castelvecchi” and the “Eno-Art” of Elisabetta Rogai at the Cascina Malingamba di Origgio (Varese), listening to the weather and nature.

We find ourselves in a magical encounter, in an historic Lombardy farmhouse, searching for this incredible world, where we can imagine a place made of passion and love, values, culture and tradition. Elisabetta Rogai seizes the moment, and lives it, transforming it into an evocative moment; innovation through reflection, curiosity and eclecticism… the technique of Eno-Art in a live performance, combined with the art of wine.

Together with wine, using the product of the territory which represents our land in an effective manner. It embodies the characteristics of culture as tradition, history, season after season.

The artist uses wine from Casa Paladin, the Tuscan Lodolaio Chianti Classico Reserve Docg, from the Castelvecchi in Chianti winery. She dominates it with grace and knowledge and makes it come to life, shaping color and giving it a soul.

At the beginning of autumn, to celebrate the harvest, Rogai exhibits one of her live performances in Lombardy, at the splendid Cascina Malingamba in Origgio. With her long brushstrokes, she recounts the unending rows of vines, the infinite pallet of shades…. of reds, oranges, yellows, ochre, purples.

Hints of autumn, a recall to the earth, where Chef Massimo Dellavedova meets guests with flavors that talk about his territory, its history and people, giving emotions and communicating a memory of the moment to the people who have lived it, for a magical meeting of wine, cuisine and art… a perfect evening!