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The Notices of Cosimo III de’ Medici are a true milestone in the wine-producing sector, a highly innovative set of rules that would take Tuscany to the peak of the oldest quality products in the world.

The notice of 24th September 1716 defined the production areas of Chianti, Pomino, Valdarno di Sopra and Carmignano.

The notice of 18th July 1716 regarding the wine trade ordered the formation of a “Congregation”, a real forerunner of the modern Producers’ Consortium, to watch over the wine that was sold and protect from falsification with wines from other areas.

The need to defend the quality of these wines arose from their excellence, well-known and renowned since even more ancient times.

Today the city where the notice was published first is invited to taste that excellence the Grand Duke intended to defend.

The tasting of about 200 wines from Chianti Classico, Carmignano, Chianti Rufina-Pomino, and Valdarno di Sopra will take place between 10.00am and 5.00pm on September Sunday 25, in the Salone di Donatello (Chiostro dei Canonici) in the San Lorenzo complex in Florence.

Enthusiasts will be able to deepen their knowledge of the various Chianti Classico areas, Riservas and Gran Selezioni; the area of Carmignano, with its precursor wines thanks to Caterina de’ Medici who introduced the “French grape”, Cabernet, in the mid-16th century; the finesse of Chianti Rufina and Pomino  wines originating from vineyards situated at higher altitudes and innovative winegrowing techniques introduced by Vittorio degli Albizi in the mid-19th century; and the wines of Valdarno di Sopra,  with their rigorous style thanks to a climate influenced by the nearby River Arno.

The tasting is open to the public with the purchase of a commemorative glass and eight tastings for 7,00 €. A special reduced price will be applied for visitors to the San Lorenzo museums.

In the same location at the same time, there will be a preview presentation of the exhibition set up by the Accademia dei Georgofili, “Vines and wine in Tuscany, from the Medici to the present day. Three centuries of history.” The exhibition will continue at the Accademia itself from 27th September to 14th October.

At 3.00pm  a commemorative floral tribute will be placed on the tomb of Cosimo III de’ Medici.