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“Summer in Marcialla” continues. From Monday, August 22 till Sunday, August 28 this summer’s festival will be run by the UCM (Marcialla Cyclist Group) and by the MCL club, as well as by the organizing group of the “Trofeo” (trophy) Matteotti.

After last year’s success, the three groups have decided to join forces to run the festival in order to optimize resources and share the results. There will be a food stand opened every evening with tasty antipasto, first courses and pizza. Tripe will be on the menu for Tuesday, August 24. It can be reserved at the food stand.

There will be a musical evening on Thursday, August 25 with “Il mito ed il Bob” (Bob and the Myth). Saturday, August 27, highlights comedy and jokes, and Sunday, the 28th, will boast another fine musical evening with the group, “The soul therapy”. All of the shows are free of charge.

In addition, on Sunday, August 28, there will be a painting/ design contest for children. Sign up is at 10 in the morning. At 5pm, a watermelon and treasure hunt and at 7pm, the awards presentation for the design contest (categories by age) will take place. Once again, the organizers are enthusiastic, both for the satisfaction of organizing a festival together as well as for the calendar of events.

The highlight of the fair is the design contest, an event that involves children, fulcrum of the area’s vitality. Write the dates on your calendar and enjoy the end of the summer with a delicious pizza and a lot of fun!!!

The town festival continues until Wednesday, August 31, thanks to the Cultural Association of Marcialla.