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A super program, with evenings full of important names from comedy and music, will take place in Poggione Park in San Casciano, during the party for volunteers, 2016 edition.

Incredible and lively evenings await us from September 3 to September 10. Let’s go in order: a food stand will be available all of the evenings. It will be run by tens of volunteer associations from the town of San Casciano, who together, organize this unique event.

The super program on stage is as follows: On Saturday, September 3 we have the Brigata del Fuego from the “Circo Nero”; Sunday, September 4, “Voci & Sole”, Paolo Ruffini Show; Monday, September 5, “Lous & Guem”; Tuesday, September 6, the Sophia Hammond Quartet.

We start again on Wednesday, September 7, with the ”Quarto Podere” a farming rock group; Thursday, September 8, we have the Blood Brothers tribute band, (Bruce Springsteen’s tribute band); Friday, September 9, is the turn of 99 Posse; Saturday, September 10, we have the “Matti delle Giuncaie”.

If that isn’t enough, there is an additional event: Wednesday, September 14, at the Niccolini theater of San Casciano, Paolo Hendel (San Cascianese by adoption) dedicates the show, “Come truffare il prossimo e viver felici” (How to trick your neighbor and live happily ever after), to the volunteers.