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With Oxfam in Tuscany, migrants are following an ancient path across a 36 km trail, amongst the beautiful hills of Chianti Classico.

It is the “Oxfam Path”, born through the collaboration among the humanitarian organization, the town of Gaiole in Chianti, the winery Badia a Coltibuono, the Castello di Ama, the Fattoria di Montagliari and the Historic Chianti foundation.

The “Sentiero Oxfam” will be inaugurated on September 3 and 4 with two days of programming opened to whomever wants to visit the suggestive countryside of historic Chianti with the spirit of solidarity.

The initiative is available to all those who want to combine a wonderful experience in the middle of the Tuscan countryside with a moment of reflection on the drama of the exodus which involves more than 65 million of refugees in the world.

Those who had asked for asylum in the welcoming structures of Oxfam, Italia, will lead, accompanied by music and good wine, Participants will find themselves immersed in a symbolic voyage.

We will hear stories and read signs to remind us of the voyage made by migrants forced to leave a life behind because of war, persecution and poverty. Contribution for the participation of the two days of September 3 and 4 will help thousands of people forced to flee from conflict and poverty.

Oxfam works by their side every day, and for this reason has created the petition Stand as One, together with those fleeing. It is an appeal to the leaders and institutions of their countries to guarantee security, protection, dignity and a future for the millions of people forced to leave their own country.