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On July 19, the antique oven of Dievole was lighted up for an evening, to recount a story (an enitre book, actually) dedicated to the pizza: “La Buona Pizza – History of ingredients, territories and pizza makers”, with preface by Daniele De Michele (nickname Don Pasta), Giunti Editor.

The authors are Luciana Squadrilli, Neapoletan journalist specialized in gastronomy and travel; Tania Mauri, from Turin, food writer and traveler, and Alessandra Farinelli, photographer and graphic designer, who works and lives in Naples and has a passion for food and travel.The journalists run the blog,

Together, they have selected and told the stories of ten “pizzaioli” in Italy, ambassadors of the artisanal pizza. In the world of pizza, the kitchen, as in cuisine in general, is changing: it is an evolution with, at the center, the “profession” of pizzaiolo; research, attention to ingredients and familiarity with the territory.

The authors follow this growth itinerary and signal the strong presence of the pizza in the panorama of fine cuisine. From Piedmont to Sardegna, they discovered the 10 most representative situations where the pizza is “ambassador” of gastronomic excellence. For each, they tell the story of the area and the context in which the emblematic pizza is inserted.

In Dievole, they presented the pizza “O Fiore Mio” from Faenza. Matteo Tambini and Davide Fiorentini were there to tell its story and speak about their experience while offering tastes of different types of pizza. The connecting link is Extra Virgin olive oil from Dievole, available in 6 different types, to taste and match to the right pizza. Wine of Dievole, Chianti Classico, 2014, was served with the pizza.

Stefano Casprini