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Art and wine unite, this year again, to offer a unique experience at the Sant’Appiano Winery of Barberino Val d’Elsa. This is infact the tenth edition of “Sant’Appiano d’Autore”, a project of the winery designed by Stefano Cappelli, combining art and wine.

For the 2016 edition the collection entitled “Divine myths”, which relevantly follows the story and Etruscan origins of the local host, is by Elio De Luca.

The main work “Divine Myths”, which gives its name to the collection, is a painting of 130 centimeters by 100 oil on concrete depicting the classical characters of Greek mythology, revisited by the artist, who has however left the colors that distinguish classical Greek art unchanged.

This painting was printed on the Monteloro, the most precious nectar of the company and from the distinctly connotation Chianti: a Super Tuscan IGT with Sangiovese and Colorino, important and aristocratic long-matured in oak barrels and aged in the bottle, the complex bouquet, harmonious and persistent.

Forty-one all over the works of De Luca on display at the Sant’Appiano Farm, five bronze statues, three ceramic, two of which not included in the price and a paper mache.

The decanter, currently one piece, will be replicated in a limited edition of 10 numbered pieces. What distinguishes the artist is his way of telling the daily reality of untold stories, blurred memories, unspoken words and solitude. Elio De Luca is able to paint this dimension of reality with ease, and seems to carry on the canvas gently.

The vision that emerges from this poetic transposition of the painter, is that of a world in soft colors, inhabited by great figures from wide-eyed, some mythological, lying immutable as stone statues. The viewer feels this feeling of stillness and almost afraid to disturb these figures: even just getting too close to the works could contaminate the delicate aura that surrounds them.

With Maestro De Luca, a collection that is enriched over the years has led to the Fattoria Sant’Appiano the likes of Sergio Scatizzi, Paolo Staccioli and Marco Lodola.

A testimony of each of these great names, at the entrance of the cellars, is a permanent exhibition of barrels on which the masters have left their imprint Art. The exhibition will be visited in the ancient tufa cellar excavated by the family Cappelli, until 16 October. For information: phone 055 8075541  –