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Listen to time and nature in a magical encounter, on July 16th with Elisabetta Rogai, in Galleria Open One with Carrara marble of the Bovecchi firm.

It’s a resource for the development of our country, a trip to the areas that give their produce, discovering this incredible world, where one can imagine passion, love, culture and tradition put to work.

The link between Versilia the marble arts dates from 1500, when Michelangelo chose the marble for his works and had it carted down to the sea by oxen. Then in later years, in 1956 Henry Moore began his collaboration with local stonemasons, followed by foundries working for artists like Botero, Joan Mirò, Isamu Noguchi, Giacomo Manzu and Lorenzo Viani.

Versilia has always had a privileged fil rouge with art, artists here have worked and created, deriving inspiration its sea, nature facing art, at times with shameless colours while other times nature is rough and violent.

Elisabetta Rogai captures the day, she lives it, turning it into a suggestive moment with innovation too, a mirror of her thoughts, her curiosity… new materials are born, painting with wine on marble so white its almost dismaying. She dominates it, both with grace and wisdom, lets it live, molds the colours and gives it a soul.

An eclecticism that leads us for the first time to an unusual combination, marble and wine. Marble used as an original artist’s canvas on which to paint with wine, an unusual but logical combination. Unite, in art, two local produces of the land which well represent the land and all its features of culture tradition, both historical and towards the future, season after season.

Nothing, in fact, like wine and marble tell of our land, created by real men and women, rough and ironic, people of the land and from land, people that look at you straight in the eyes, who allow emotions into a glass of wine suggesting their answers, needs and expectations, gestures harmonized in sophisticated colors to create a masterpiece of nature.