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Violante Gardini will once again head the “Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscano” (MTV). Her mandate, lasting three years, was unanimously confirmed during the election assembly held in Siena on Tuesday, June 14.

Gardini, born in Montalcino in 1984, has a degree from the University of Florence in Business Administration. After a Masters at the OIV, “Organizzazione Internazionale della Vigna e del Vino” (International Organization of Vineyards and Wine), which took her around the world to the most famous wine growing areas of the world, she is now export manager for her mother, Donatella Cinelli Colombini, at the Casato Prime Donne of Montalcino and the Fattoria del Colle of Trequanda (Siena).

“I am proud to guide this Association for the next three years; I ran in the spirit of what we worked for in my previous mandate”, says Gardini.  “In these three years we tried to promote all Tuscan wine zones with new and young initiatives, giving each event a Tuscan theme in order to attract wine lovers and the media. We have a bigger, new council which includes companies from diverse zones of Tuscany, both smaller and larger. We also have experts who can give us new ideas to be converted into grand projects. I am excited and ready to begin. I am sure we can do even better”.

The new Vice presidents of the MTV Toscana are Emanuela Tamburini (Agricola Tamburini) and Federico Taddei (Borgo Santinovo). The following make up the administration council: Serena Contini Bonacossi (Capezzana), Giulia Zingarelli (Rocca delle Macie), Maria Paoletti (Cosimo Maria Masini), Ulrich Kohmar (Tuscan Tasting), Barbara Luison (Antinori), Nicola Giannetti (Col d’Orcia).

Characterizing the team is a renewed representation for each single territory plus a large female presence. This is a strong and clear signal from a sector in continuous evolution, where the female presence is heard more than in other areas.

The “festa” of Tuscan wine: this is one of the most ambitious objectives foreseen for the next three yars. It will be an event with music, shows, art and, of course, food, paired with great Tuscan wines.

It is a way to attract wine lovers and to get closer to not only wine, as is successfully accomplished wih the various formats of Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars), but to the brand “vino toscano” which is a lifestyle. It is also a way to continue history, and at the same time support the territory and scenery which has made Tuscany one of the most visited regions in the world.