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The heart of Barberino Val d’Elsa will beat for “Memoriae et Historiae di Semifonte”, a dive into the past, put into act by thousands of participants and dedicated to those who want to go back in time among the streets, the palaces, the courtyards, the piazzas and the church of the medieval town of Barberino Val d’Elsa.

It consists of two intense days within the castle, in program for Saturday, and Sunday, June 11-12 from 5pm till midnight.

Squires, jugglers, dancers, fire eaters, merchants, flag throwers, dames and damsels will behave as such, to the tune of bagpipes, to the rhythm of tambourines, waving flags, with the scents of the cuisine of the year 1000. It is not only a medieval re-enactment.

An entire community will be dressed in theme and history will repeat itself, searching for its own roots and renewing the ancient tie that binds Barberino to the myth of Semifonte. The ancient city near Petrognano was attacked and destroyed by Florentine troops in 1202.

Here is the occasion to redeem itself from the past and to be reborn in its own image among the ancient rocks of Barberino, those taken from the ruins of the ghost town and used to build the Castle. A bridge is built from the 13th century to contemporary days with an entire town busy in the organization and a borough which rediscovers itself in its secret corners and treasures.

The fair, promoted by the 8th edition of the Town Union of Chianti Fiorentino in collaboration with the Happy Days Association and the “Teatro di Gomma”, will win over young and old.

The event will unfold in the full spirit of the epoch with participants who will give life to a scenographic procession, even in a suggestive night version. Merchants and artisans will exhibit their wares, all in a desire to recreate a Medieval atmosphere, even along the wine/gastronomic  line.

In via Vittorio Veneto there will be an outdoor Inn serving themed dinners and tasting of various products. Many groups will animate the two days, from the flag throwers of Volterra, to the snake charmer of Saraceno, to the “Compagnia dell’Orso” which will give life to a military camp and combat demonstrations, to the “Lupi di Semifonte”, warriors and templars; there will be itinerant musicians (Barbecocul) and the Barraca company with trampolines and fire jugglers, as well as medieval dances performed by the young ladies of the Laetus Dies group.