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Bianca and Vittoria Massetani are two sisters with a combined age of 49. A few weeks ago they decided to invest in themselves by opening a store (ViBi Bio) in Piazza Matteotti in Greve in Chianti. It is on the corner of the piazza that goes towards Borgo.

Bianca got her diploma from Science high school and Victoria got hers from Classical high school, as well as a 3 year college degree.

“After having tried various short term jobs that didn’t satisfy”, they explain, “we decided to enter the commercial sector, thanks to the availability of a shop given us by our mother and our uncle. We brought the work of our father, an herbalist for 20 years, to the piazza of Greve”.

“We grew up”, they continue”, with a sensitivity towards the natural world and that of genuine everyday products. We would like people to know that we represent this style of life and give people who aren’t familiar with it the chance to enter and take part”.

“Because remember”, they tell us, “what the philosopher Feuerbach said… “We are what we eat”. In addition, since we live in the golden territory of wine, we give homage to the wealth given us by our land, with the labels of 10 wineries of Montefioralle”.

“Also because”, they conclude, “in our home and on our table you will always find a flask of wine, rigorously organic, made with the passion and dedication our father has produced it for years”.

Matteo Pucci