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The US organization, Minerva Education, is offering a writing seminar immersed in the suggestive Tuscan countryside.

“Writing mysteries with Rhys Bowen” is the 2016 edition of the workshop in its third consecutive year. It takes place in Castellina in Chianti with the participation of various authors.

From May 26 to June 4 a group of Anglo Saxon authors and aspiring authors will be guests at the hotel Colle Etruscan Salivolpi  and will take part in the seminary by the noted British author of mystery and police novels, Rhys Bowens: some of which have been translated into Italian by Mondadori publishers.

It is not a random choice: the objective of the seminar is to stimulate literary creativity and production, adequately structured, in the context of the beauty and culinary excellence of Chianti, paradigms of the Tuscan heritage and its international fame.

The attraction of the history, culture and landscape of Chianti is once again confirmed to be universal. It is not only a travel and tourist mecca, but a literary inspiration.

Cosimo Ciampoli