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The assessor of agriculture of Tuscan Region, Marco Remaschi, suggested the idea of a “Tuscan Vinitaly” a few weeks ago, in occasion of the “Festa delle Donne del Vino” (Women in Wine Day), where the promotion and development  of Tuscan products are presented.

“This still has to be studied”, explains the assessor. “We have to meet with our colleagues, with professional organizations and with the consortium and wine producers”.

Promotion is the central theme of this proposition: “Promotion is a deciding factor in having our products known and developed,” he added, “as witnessed by the success of the Anteprime and Buy Wine. I am convinced that this type of initiative, which at the beginning might be “closed” to Tuscan production, (and without interfering with Vinitaly), can give a relevant push to the sector. This is without counting the effects on tourism. It is still in its embryonic phase, and needs to be discussed and analyzed regarding modality, time and place”.