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China continues to spread its wings in the world economy and its upper middle class has been a cause of deep social and cultural change.

In this context,  the “made in Italy” is sought after, also copied. It has become a status symbol of class; from fashion to food, from architecture to music, to art and wine.

China continues to be a world economic and finance motor not only for business, but for start ups and new tendencies as well, a door open to the future.

L’Arco, a Tuscan winery, will go to China to take part in the most important fair of the sector (“intertwine China”), in program from May 20-22 in Guangzhou .

Italian wineries will be busy promoting their wineries and their excellent wines at the fair. They are ready to bet on one of the areas that in the last 10 years has seen increments of 57% in the consumption of still wines, passing from 10 million hectoliters in 2002 to 16 million in 2013, thus representing one of the fundamental target countries for Italian exports.

“China”, affirms Lorenzo Mitola, director of L’Arco, “particularly Canton and Hong Kong, have become nerve centers for the penetration of the Asian market over the last few years. Our businesses need to keep this growing market under a magnifying glass, and we hope that over the next few years it will be one of the most important world markets for the export of our wines”.

“For the 2016 addition, in addition to the tasting of my wines, I want to propose art through this medium. In fact,  at my stand there will be five live performances of the Florentine artist Elisabetta Rogai, internationally famous for her drawings with wine, a unique technique that she invented in 2010. The artist paints using wine instead of traditional colors. The wine drawing literally ages on the canvas, together with the wine itself.”

“It is the third time that I am going to China”, says the artist, originally from Florence but resident of San Casciano. “I am always surprised and fascinated by the life and movement of their people in the streets and the interest that the Chinese population has regarding Italians and our products, especially our cuisine and wine; in my case for my technique of drawing with wine, a technique that they watch with fascination. I have decided for this edition to draw horses, a subject that I took to heart after drawing ‘il Drappellone’ during the Siena Palio in 2015”.

Matteo Pucci