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To eat out but feel at home: with the warmth that only  eating at a home restaurant can offer. In the world of so-called social eating, always more popular, the Chianti region has its pioneer.

Thanks to Antonella Palmerini and her Home Restaurant Chianti Family Food, one can try this fascinating experience in Greve in Chianti: the land, the family. the family ambience, the food.

These are elements that combine to perfection with a special recipe, made of love for cooking and the sharing of good food. Antonella is an innovator, ready to accept a fascinating challenge, to greet diners at home as if they were in a restaurant. It is a unique experience.

Antonella worked for 30 years in commercial and service businesses: she is active Greve social life. She is the prior of the La Fante neighborhood and nothing frightens her. She is even a participant in the “Palio delle Massaie” (housewife challenge) organized by the consortium of Chianti Classico Wine, contributing  to the victory of the Greve townswomen.

You might have seen her in television where she participated in programs on Italia 7, RTV 38, and Real Time, always in a cooking capacity.

She has an enormous  passion for her cooking. Antonella has a great aptitude in human relations and the capacity to interact with people. Over the years, she has accurately united formative itineraries and famous Tuscan kitchens (like the Florentine Trattoria “Da Burde” with Chef Paolo Gori, or with Chef Filippo Saporito “La Leggenda dei Frati”) which brought her in April, 2016 to open the Home Restaurant Chianti Family Food.

Says Antonella: “I like to explore old customs and gastronomic traditions of the area, to find quality and seasonal products, which feature eco-sustainability and local dishes. I like to share, and to communicate, I like nature, I like the land, I like traditions, I like animals, I like ethics, morality, honesty and slow food”.

This is Antonella’s manifesto, which shows in the table settings, welcoming, and food, all in a unique setting. The Home-Restaurant is located on a 1900 shooting range, the only one of its kind in Chianti. It is constructed of “pietra forte”, like the stone of Piazza Signoria. You can find photographs in books of Chianti regional history.

“I serve a small number of guests”, concludes Antonella, “maximum 20 and the possibility to dine (lunch or dinner) in my private home. By using my homes’s kitchen, I prepare typical Tuscan dishes and use local season products”.


If interested: Home Restaurant Chianti Family Food,,, +39 3357630057.