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Ancient treasures, hidden in the Chianti hills, re-emerge from the layers of the past and come to light.

These include spears, pots, coins, everyday objects, even a cross presumably belonging to the order of the Templars, of early medieval origin found in the archaeological site of Castellaccio di Lucolena, in the Greve in Chianti municipality.

A substantial amount of archaeological findings relating to life around the “castrum” of Lucolena, between the tenth and the fourteenth century, in an area with previous origins dating back to the Hellenistic-Etruscan settlements.

This emerged from a long excavation campaign, started with the initial investigations in 2010 and culminated in 2014-2015, under the supervision of the Archaeological Superintendence of Tuscany, financed by the municipality of Greve, organized by the association  “Gruppo Gev San Michele” and directed by the archaeologist Giulio Bigliardi.

The “Castellaccio” site of  is located on  a hill near the village of Lucolena, on the north-eastern slopes of Monte San Michele, in a forested area of great environmental and scenic interest.

The area  houses the remains of the original Lucolena castle, of medieval origin, corresponding to the period of greatest vitality of the castle itself, which was then probably abandoned in the fourteenth century.

According to the archaeologist Giulio Bigliardi the archaeological complex “is outstanding in terms of size, quality of the remaining structures, state of preservation”.