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From May 5-8, in San Polo in Chianti, land of the flower, the Iris since 1850, the “festa” dedicated to the flower, symbol of Tuscany, explodes.

This is a tradition that has taken place for years and innovates the suburb of Greve with perfume, taste and events. The program begins in the lilac colored fields of Chianti, where, in the 19th century, the production of the flower began at an important European level.

The roots and essences of the iris have varied over the years; perfume, liquor, and even painkiller. The root or “gallozola” of the iris is considered a natural remedy to alleviate pain in teething babies.

The four days, organized by the tourist bureau of San Polo reflects upon the various properties of the plant, which has become the symbol of the Greve economy.

Among theatre shows and musical events (5-6 May), there will be a lesson/meeting with the artist Bona Brandi (May 7 at 10:30am), sporting activities and walks among the flowers. There will also be markets, activities and laboratories for children, charity fairs and contests among the neighborhoods of the area as well as an exhibition by flag throwers “Alfieri e music della Val Marina”.