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Along  the 3 km bicycle path that goes from the town of Bargino to the town of Calzaiolo, the young sculptress, Annalisa Cestelli, graduated in art and sculpture from the Academy of Florence, has installed three works of art: “Allegoria Della Pesa” (in terra cotta), “Liberi Alberi”/ Free Trees (in jute and natural pigments) and “Pan and Siringa” (in terra cotta).

“The feminine figure in the first work”, says Anna Lisa, “is the incarnation of the essence of the river. It is the figure of a woman with sinuous curves, fertile like the surrounding vegetation. Her posture reflects timidity and prudishness, but the verticality of her face shows determination and power of thought that bring her to reflect upon her own destiny and on those of the creatures who are dependent upon her”.

As we continue we find a tree with its branches tied by a cord. “The cords” says the artist, “are made of jute, 100% natural,  biodegradable  and recyclable. It is a natural fiber with shining  gold  reflexes, also called golden fiber. The tree trunks give the perception of a forcing and of pain  provoked by the cords: however there is hope that this vicious cycle will end when at last the weakened fibers will leave the trees free”.

Finally, the last sculpture that we find when we near Calzaiolo, is a terra-cotta placed in front of a Cane thicket.

“Pan and Siringa”  is my favorite,” concludes Annalisa, “for which I used my nephew as a model. I applied a mixture to the sculpture that attracts the growth of moss. With the contribution of nature, the moss will completely cover Pan and together with Siringa… They will become one”.