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An intimate rediscovery, it  became a project put aside for years, then bloomed into a book 14 years later. Everything began on September 11, 2001, when two planes hit the Twin Towers in New York. From there begins the memory trail that Lorenzo Bojola  tells us about.

“Following the events of September 11″, begins Lorenzo Bojola, ” I was forced to interrupt my collaboration with an American firm which operated in the interior decorating sector. I had transferred to the town of Tavarnelle recently”, he tells us, “and I decided to take a sabbatical year to research the territory that I had always loved”.

And thus be began to go around the countryside far and wide, attracted always by something in particular. “My formation as an architect”, he explains, “made me particularly sensible to the rediscovery of beautiful farm houses, admiring the architecture that had been aged by time and abandonment. I decided to bear witness with a detailed photographic service created among the farms of the Val di Pesa and the Val d’Elsa over the period of an entire year”.

In this way the project of a book was born: “I was able to involve the cultural offices of the local administrations of the Florentine Chianti region and thus the editorial project about the architecture of a memory, which I gave to the printers after many years, came to life. All of the film was in black-and-white and medium sized”.

“Going through the pages attentively”, says Bojola, “one can see the voyage I completed almost 15 years ago, dedicated to the community of this extraordinary territory, so rich with culture and humanity”.