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L'eroica "Da Milano al Chianti" from Mindmill on Vimeo.

Mud and punctured wheels, precarious grip and prewar brakes. Impossible steep slopes on bycicles with impossible gears in an almost incessant rainy day, all this did not discourage the 6.149 cyclists ready at the start of cycling race “L’Eroica 2015“.

Coming from 66 countries, even from Palau, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba Island, Guernsey and Jersey Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich south Islands, the “heroics” came in Tuscany to live an unforgettable day between Chianti, Crete Senesi and Val d’Orcia.

Four routes (46,75,135,209 km) mainly along dirt roads. The “white streets” (since few years are professional races) of Siena’s province admired and loved all over the world.

As well as appreciated and sought are the culinary specialties of the area offered at the refreshment-points. Ribollita, salami, cheese, bruschetta with olive oil or marmelade, wine and vinsanto: fuel for muscles and legs!

Those who approaches to vintage cycling are part of a special humanity that well knows the value of hard works, they discover the beauty and then can no longer live without this sport which is also philosophy and increasingly a lifestyle. The “Eroica” is a travel through time and soul.

Today its brand is a mondial brand known all over the world, Bianchi company has dedicated also a bike to the Eroica, but a special thanks goes to all voulonteers men and women (in villages, on the roads, at the refreshing-points) that make possible the carryng out of the event.

Appointment to the next first Sunday of October for the 2016 edition, the twenty years one.