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The news has already been published last year on Telegraph newspaper, echoed by many Italian newspapers too, but it’s still relevant at these days thanks to the selection made by the international real estate notice web site Point2Homes.

And as the last year, among the 30 most expensive residences in sales all over the world there is also a medieval castle in Castellina in Chianti, first place among Italians properties.

The numbers of this primacy: 115 bedrooms, 100 bathrooms, 630 hectares of estates.
Inside the property which cover 14.000 squared meters, besides the restored castle there are: 1 tennis court, 4 swimmingpools, 18 hectars of wineyards from which is produced an excellent wine.

28 hectars of the property, as reported by Corriere della Sera newspaper, are dedicated to sheds, boxes, and gardens to let grazing the horses. Moreover the fishing lovers will relax themselves next the two lakes available on this Tuscan property. Purchase price: 28 million/euros. A price that for the most part of people is out of reach, but according to the experts.

As the Sotheby’s International chief of sales in Tuscany John Jonk says: ” We are talking about an expensive property, but it has good quality/price comparison. It’s less expensive than a nice apartment in Eaton Square or Sloane Square”.

Between the year 1350 and 1920 the castle was a property of Piccolomini family, two members of this family became popes: Pio II (1458-1464) and his nephew who became Pio III (1503).
The current owners are tuscans but they want to remain anonymus, they bought the house about 30 years ago.

Matteo Morandini