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On last February the news of Giacomo Tachis’ death spread throughout the world in a short time. Without him the world of wine will never be the same, and not only because he changed that world radically, but also because he was the absolute point of reference for the Italian and world oenology.

Born in Piemonte, Tuscan of adoption, he died in his house in San Casciano, in the heart of Chianti Classico, not far from Antinori Cellars where he worked for more than 30 years. He was the one that literally changed and twisted the scene of Italian wine, he was the “father” of Sassicaia wine, the big name of Tignanello wine, and Solaia wine too. The so-called “Super Tuscans Wines”. “Father” of wines that have made the history of our country, a sort of ambassadors in the world of a trade that has seen through him a pure excellence period.

He liked to call himself a “mescola di vino” (a mixture of wines) and perhaps it is the most suitable definition for a character that is really difficult to contain in a single label.

He was a man of great culture, a bibliophile with an incredible collection of books, a scientist, at ease in laboratories, including stills and glasses as in the vineyards and cellars as well.

A King-maker of oenology, has always been a believer in the importance of wine genuineness, careful to take distance from those who in its field has sacrificed these principles to the logic of fashion and marketing.

Enzo Cotarella menaging director of Antinori Winery has traced a beautiful memory of Giacomo Tachis, he has worked closely with Tachis for years as a student, learning secrets and the philosophy of wine.

“He taught me a lot – tells Mr. Cotarella – especially when I was young. He was with us in Antinori until 1993, I knew him in 1975 because I wanted to do a thesis about wine. So I knew him in Orvieto. Since then we have enjoyed a very close relationship, made of useful and detailed discussions.

He was a point of reference not only for me but for all the Tuscan and Italian oenologists: He was the first truly great oenologist in Italy. He had a scientific knowledge that was unthinkable to find in many others at that time. He was a man of great wine culture, which also made fun of himself. He had a good self-esteem. He has given so much to everyone, to Antinori, to the Italian world of wine and to me as well: He has worked with great passion and extreme competence all over our country”. But above all, he points out, never superficially “In a world where there are those who pretends to be great experts, Giacomo Tachis was modest and he deepened all subjects with determination. A great studious and a great taster “.