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The selection of the best Tuscan oils has begun. In fact, the registrations for the selection of extra virgin olive oils from Tuscany PDO and PGI 2019 have officially opened.

The selection, organised in collaboration with Promofirenze, Azienda Speciale of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, aims to highlight the best Tuscan oil production, with the aim of using it in promotional and economic activities. At the same time, the idea is to reward and stimulate the efforts of olive farms and their continual drive to improve product quality.

The regional selection of extra virgin olive oils is dedicated to those produced by companies with production facilities in Tuscany, DOP and PGI certified according to criteria established in accordance with regional legislation and is reserved for recognised producers’ organisations and aggregations of companies (excluding consortia and representing associations) and single companies in the olive sector.

Each operator can submit up to a maximum of 2 olive oils. Participation in the selection is free and is reserved for a maximum number of 100 samples.

To participate, the companies must have operational headquarters in Tuscany and a minimum production certified in the current 2018/2019 olive oil campaign, of at least 400 kg.

The registrations will close on January 31st after which, as usual, a special and qualified regional tasting commission composed of oil tasters registered in the National List and Panel members recognized by MIPAAF, operating in Tuscany, will decide which ones are the best DOP and IGP extra virgin olive oils from the 2018/2019 olive oil year.

Last year’s awarded 42 oils representing all types of certified DOP and IGP oil present in the region: DOP Chianti Classico, DOP Lucca, DOP Seggiano, DOP Terre Siena and IGP Toscano.

Registrations will close on January 31st 2019, the announcement for participation in the selection is visible in the Data Base Atti of Regione Toscana.