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Nowadays we can see and find everything online. The virtual world has become a place where many trends rise every day, and it’s on the Internet that we find new ways to understand our reality. This happens in every sector, including financial investments. Let’s give an example.

Digital stock trading is the norm today, and we could say that it’s becoming a little like a video game. We’re referring to the stock exchange simulator, a software that faithfully reproduces live stock market features.

Everything is virtual, so the operations are not real, and players may practice trading stocks without financial risk, because they’re not using real money.

The stock exchange simulators are becoming more and more popular in recent months. They’re used both by experienced investors, who want to improve their skills, and by absolute beginners who are trying to understand and learn investment strategies.

This virtual, almost playful, tool is a very useful way to open the door to the real world of investment. But becoming a professional stock exchange trader is another thing altogether: it requires serious studies to be able to master important tools such as technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

The former studies and forecast the possible price changes on the equity markets, using historical price and market statistics’ graphs. Technical analysis is based on the assumption that the investor is able to make a fairly accurate prediction of future price trends, by knowing the past price development.

Fundamental analysis takes all the available data into consideration, with the aim of determining the relative value of a specific share. At the end of the examination there should be discrepancies between the current market price and the evaluations made, such as to create investment opportunities. In the case, for example, where the share price evaluation is higher than the current one, it might be profitable to invest and exploit this difference.

Therefore, a tool such a stock market simulator is definitely very useful to get to know to this world; but the fact remains that the situation will be very different in reality.