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The butcher’s shop Macelleria Parti in San Donato in Poggio (Barberino Tavarnelle) represents a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Founded in 1970 by Danilo and Luciana, the shop is currently managed by their son Emiliano, who keeps the family business alive with the same passion. He also counts on the help of expert collaborators like his cousin Filippo, Elia and Stefano.

The daily commitment of Emiliano and his team involves keeping up with the times, and doing their best to meet customers’ needs. Thanks to a varied range of products and extraordinary expertise, the staff can satisfy any request and recommend the most suitable products.

At the same time, the Macelleria Parti focuses a great deal of attention on the choice of meat: only the best. By doing so, they consistently guarantee their clients top-quality products.

“In the last fifteen years – Emiliano tells us – the work and the offering of butchers’ shops have changed a lot, to meet the changing needs and tastes of people, who have less time to cook than they used to”.

“Until the end of the 1980s, butchers’ shops were mainly selling cuts of meat – he explains – while today they offer ready-to-cook and pre-cooked dishes. In our shop we also offer artisanal cold cuts that we produced ourselves”.

“Even if our shop has evolved with the times – he continues – in some respects it keeps following tradition: we still buy calves from our trusted breeder, who for years has guaranteed us genuine and certified meat, free of antibiotics and cortisone”.

“The quality of our meat is a result of the prized breed we use, the healthy nutrition and well-being of the animal – he explains – With these meats we prepare a wide range of ready to cook and pre-cooked dishes, in addition to the traditional sale of meat. The products are always fresh, because the butchering happens weekly”.

“Customers who request information about the traceability of our red meats – he underlines – are provided with a receipt from which one can verify the feeding standards and the origin of the meat”.

“Our pigs are also bought from a trusted breeder – he says – and fed with a balanced diet until the time they are butchered, that happens at about one year of age. Pig feeding has a very important impact on the quality of the final product”

“For chickens we use a third breeder – he adds – They are raised without the use of antibiotics and their growth is regulated and approved by the Ministry of agricultural and forestry policies”.

“Every day – concludes Emiliano – we share these values with our customers, values which are based on the direct knowledge and relationship with our three producers. Our clients appreciate our work and efforts. And this gives us great satisfaction”.

Noemi Bartalesi